We, the Founders of JADARA had worked for many years for multinational IT companies such as IBM, BMC, HP and EMC, and in many cases had built up strong relationships with local solution integrators, and hundreds of customers in a variety of countries and industries.

We believe we understand that multinational vendors are very strong but products oriented which makes their most revenue, and also they have to stick to the company process which makes them very slow in responding to customers need, for that we decided to focus on customers pain and come up with an end to end tailored solutions that will satisfy our customers promptly.

In addition to this we are very proud to be a Saudi company that comes with an international experience and flavor in one hand, and understand the Saudi culture and speak the language of our customers in the other hand.

The company will provide unconventional IT solutions that cope with economic challenges to reach a reliable business excellence model

Company Values

JADARA will operate within strict legal and ethical guidelines. We will always commit to guide our customers in an honest manner towards addressing their requirements from an independent, neutral approach.

JADARA will never compromise the business of our customers and will continuously contribute in educating and sponsoring various activities to develop awareness of all aspects of information technology for our customers.


Pioneer in IT Solutions

  • 15+ years in IT services and IT Service Management
  • 10+ years in data management and data technologies
  • 15+ years in Security Physical and Logical
  • 20+ years in Business Consultancy / Business Excellence
  • 12+ years in Enterprise management solutions
  • 11+ years in Data Governance
  • 20+ years in Out sourcing and in sourcing
  • 15+ years in Business applications
  • 30+ years in Program Management Office
  • Industry-broadest partnership & community for IT solutions
  • Certified and skilled resources
  • We speak your local language